Members of G.A.P.S.

G.A.P.S. is comprised of parents and guardians of children and adults with special needs who desire to help other parents by sharing their experiences, what they've learned works and doesn't work when advocating for their children. They are parents willing to listen to and be supportive of other parents.

The Facilitator

The Facilitator of G.A.P.S. is Robin Maines, the parent of an adult child with special needs. As a parent, she advocated for her child throughout his school years and continues to advocate for him as an adult utilizing various services as he strives to improve his social skills, become more independent within the community and pursues employment.

She was an Independent Living Specialist with a disability organization, during which time she advocated for children with special needs utilizing the special education system. She managed a grant that educated parents on High School to Adult living Transition services and supports. She is a trained Parent to Parent Peer Supporter, a Mentor with the organization Mentors for Self Determination, a trained Parent Presenter and a Certified Facilitator of Essential Lifestyle Person Centered Planning. She is a former Parent Co-Chair of the Local Right to Education Task Force # 17. She is an adoptive mother, as well as being a person with a disability herself.

G.A.P.S Offers:

  • Information such as a Glossary of Terms used by educators and service providers, material to assist in preparing for meetings.
  • Examples of documents used by the education system.
  • Successful Advocacy skills training.
  • Speakers and Workshops on various topics.
  • How to navigate the special education and social service systems.
  • Resource and contact information for area services for individuals with special needs school-age through adulthood.
  • Support from other parents who understand what you're experiencing, who can share helpful hints and tips that were successful for them, who are willing to listen.